Electric is the future of transportation and Cryptocurrency is the future of money

AI-controlled ride-sharing platform aimed at optimizing waiting time and  cost will revolutionize the industry

  • Predictive Algorithms
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Route Optimization
  • Matching Algorithm
  • Demand Forecasting

Decentralized electric ride-hailing AI platform that uses blockchain technology

AI platform on blockchain

Ride-hailing AI platform that uses blockchain technology to create a transparent, secure, and cost-effective peer-to-peer network for drivers, passengers and charging stations

GFEL token

GULF-EL operates on the GFEL token, which serves as the native currency for transacting on the platform

Incentivized Participation

Both drivers, partners and riders can earn incentives within the platform for their active participation and engagement, zero-commission.

Token Distribution

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Projected Revenue Calculator

$ 50,000.00

$ 22,500.00

The value represents a projected revenue after the specified amount of time based on your purchase, it does not guarantee that exact return


Payment system GFEL token mass adoption between Charging/Ride app, partners, drivers and passengers



1 Mil

Share rides


Rides paid with GFEL


Key benefits for drivers

➢Drivers will have the ability to negotiate their own prices, choose the rides they want to take, and work the hours that they choose.

➢Drivers will not have to work a specific number of hours to clear a bonus as they will be able to work as many hours or as few as they desire without affecting their compensation rate. The removal of the middleman and its margin is the biggest perk for drivers

Key benefits for passengers

➢Price flexibility, the removal of the middleman’s profit, and technological improvements of blockchain technology all contribute to a lower price for passengers

➢Sign up bonuses for new users

➢Economic rewards for long-term users of the network

➢Passengers will be able to choose drivers who meet specific criteria, such as child seats, disability access, storage capacity, etc.

➢Sustainable type of transportation Data security for all users.

Charging Point Management

Develop CPM (Charging Point Management) with +200.000 charging stations and over +2.000 MWh/Y

01. Charging stations

Drivers, partner drivers, fleets that include electric cars, together with the owners and other entities that have developed charging stations until now, can actively participate and adopt the new payment system using the platform

02. Web3 app

All new market technology for faster results and utility.

KidsCab, MailCab

03. CPM

High technology charging service, unique to the market.

Compatible with the majority of charging stations available on market.

White label solution based on the app


GFEL utility token

  • Store of value
  • Smart contracts
  • Rewards Proof of Staking
  • Payment for rides, charging, drivers rewards
  • Used for buying GFELX

GFELX security token

  • Based on business and assets
  • Rewards based on business yields 20%
  • Very limited emission 1.000.000
  • Can be purchased only with GFEL token
  • Security listed token